You have to play in New Zealand some day.


Take me to prom this year?

won’t make it this year - got suspended for skipping class

wanna go to disneyland when yr in Anaheim

Dude yes, duuuuuh! Let’s do it.

I hope you guys are having less murderous dreams about your stuff being taken! Showed y'all to my friends today and you gained a couple new fans. Thanks for your pretty music again [:

Thank you!!


Knuckle Puck by Alyson Coletta on Flickr.

Why don't you have marc davis play drums for you along with your current drummer like a double drummer hurricane?! Also, this is not marc davis.

Let’s Go Exploring is the best band Florida/the world mostly never knew about

i dont have a question, but i just want you guys to know your music has been helping me battle some personal issues, and discovering you guys has been a highlight of this shitty year (so far). i wish you guys all the success in the world.

We wish you all the positivity :)