When you played in Denver, I was in the front row and Andy Anaya held out his guitar and I strummed it. Now, after that picture you guys put on Instagram of him, it's been concluded that he is the greatest human that has ever lived. Mad respect.

It’s all for you

Will you guys have the "You Blue It" records with you on your tour with Citizen?

We’ve got ‘em

Hey, I met you guys in San Francisco and I didn't really know you too well before then, but I thought I'd let you know that I haven't stopped listening to your music. It's so great, and you guys are all really cool and handsome.

Hey! Thanks!

If I bring you Taco Bell tomorrow night before the show what do you dudes want

Anything with potatoes

Andrew! Thanks for the setlist in Oakland. My second time seeing you guys and it was even better than before. Make sure to come thru the bay when you guys get a headliner :)

Glad you had fun, we’ll definitely be back soon.

I want to hang out/group kiss all of you. 6 way kissin. hit me up boyzzzz

Boy kiss or no kiss

When you guys come to richmond you better wear the weird all tee...