whats it like being a hot topic band

idk ask Slipknot

What do you guys think of You Blew It!


fucking great band, even better people. it is Greg’s fault that they aren’t touring with us this year so get pissed at him.
- derrick

Max Bemis should tell Chris Conley about you guys. If Saves the Day, Foxing and You Blew It! would be my dream tour. I would faint from the awesomeness of that lineup.

Walking to their bus with my computer now. 

Thanks for making the Seattle show so awesome and thanks to Andy for giving me a pick. Also one of you signed my record "Party Rock Anthem -LMFAO" and I want to know why but I also want to leave it a mystery

Because it is a party rock anthem

We should shmoke when you guys come to the fonda c;


Say Anything, and Max Bemis in general, are classics and always a good time. But I have to say that I am most excited to see you guys and the front bottoms on this tour. See you in San Diego!

Stoked - see ya there!

you guys ruled last night in boston, one of the best shows i've ever been to!

One of the most fun sets we’ve ever played. Thanks for coming!