I'd like to see you guys at the backbooth too if you catch my drift ;)

Maaaaaaybe one day soon ;)

i would always send you guys messages asking to play the talent farm and then when you finally did i couldn't go because i had to work. it sucked. play in gainesville sometime though

Gainesville is like our second home, of course we’ll be back.

what bands do you look up to the most

sooooo many - we love our buds modern baseball, the front bottoms, fake problems, prawn and light years. Of course there are also the classics - jimmy eat world, weezer, braid, the get up kids, north star, saves the day and piebald.

stone cold or the rock

What do you think jabroni?

You guys should come up to Oregon!

Sunday July 20th @ Crystal Ballroom - see you there.

i just listened to better to best for the first time and i started crying, thanks for making such awesome music guys, you guys are really cool :*


You guys were wonderful last night! So happy to be introduced to your music. Hope you guys enjoyed your short stay in Chicago. Come back soon! :)