If its not too personal, what part of cfl are you guys from? I've lived in a few different parts before moving to south florida.

Andy lives in the East Orlando/Union Park/Rio Pinar area, and I live in SoDo. You can often find us at Italian Village Pizza, The Wine Room, or Tijuana Flats (multiple locations)

Central FLA represent

CFL chillin’

I'm still in awe. Thank you for putting such an amazing show! Hope that we made the homecoming show all that you hoped. I told my myself I wasn't going to go in the crowd, but couldn't help myself. It was just freaking amazing!

Thank you!

It was everything and more.

my English 1102 teacher canceled class for the day of your concert. obviously because it was more important psh

drop out and listen to euro beat

Tbh I recently ordered a pair of new balances so I could be cool like you guys

Welcome 2 Team Kewl

When are u coming to miami again pls

We’re playing Lake Worth on Monday 9/29/14 @ Propaganda w/ Citizen, Hostage Calm & True Love.

We haven’t played a REAL Miami date since I’ve been in the band (about 3 years). Hopefully it comes sooner than later.

- Andy

When does the show start in Orlando? I've seen 4, 5:30, and 7.